Manufacturing and installation of steel structures

For building, industrial and 

infrastructure sectors.

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We focus on customers satisfaction
We achieve customer satisfaction through efficient business and manufacturing processes, managed and executed by competent people with the right attitude. We’re dedicated to getting the job done right. We believe your success is our success.

All in one place
Our dedicated team with extensive experience in the metalworking and manufacturing industries along with our modern production facilities enables us to offer a turnkey solution, including design, manufacture and installation, so that our customers can focus on their core business.

We keep our promises and commitments
We are not making promises we cannot keep. We take a job only if we are sure that we can do the job. Because we believe a happy customer is our best advertising. We want them to keep coming back and to recommend us to others.

We build trust
We believe that trust is a fundamental requisite of good business. We build confidence with our customers through transparency and open, honest communication at all times.

We improve continuously
We never rest on our laurels. Business can be tough and you must adapt constantly in a fast-changing world, always seeking nimble solutions in order to fulfil our customer’s today and future needs, and spotting new opportunities. We are always open and willing to try new ideas and support your efforts.

We listen
We listen to understand your needs and expectations to deliver professional and tailored solutions. We listen to uncover opportunities. We listen to feedback. Listening helps us to develop a “shared vision” that makes for a great customer experience.

We care
We care about those we work with and those we work for, colleagues or customers, because they are people just like us: we are passionate and committed about everything we do.

4000 m²

Production area

4×10 tons



Tons/year production capacity

Tallinn Shipyard, BLRT Group
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Shipyard, BLRT Group
Tallinn, Estonia
TMOEN Purkholmen Industripark
Ottersøy, Norway
Bauhaus Rocca al Mare
Tallinn, Estonia
A. Le Coq Arena
Tallinn, Estonia


Production area 4000 m2, with 4x 10 tons cranes

Painting area 2500 m2, blasting chamber, closed drying chamber

Machines &

12x ESAB welding machines
2x sawing machines
2x plasma/gas cutting machines
1x bending machine
1x blasting chamber
4x painting guns

Production Capacity

Average production capacity is 400 tons per month

7200 tons were produced in last three years

Quality Management

Management System — EN ISO 9001:2015; EN ISO 3834-2

Written Quality Policy — in accordance to EN ISO 9001:2015

CE–Marking — ZA 3.4 acc. to EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011

EN Standards for CE–mark the products — EN 1090-2:2018 + A1:2008


Welding Certificate 1526-CPR-1090. TÜV Eesti. 2020.0 01-WC

EC Certificate Factory Production Control (FPC) 1526-CPR-1090-1.0094. TÜV Eesti. 2020.001

Certificate Management system as per EN ISO 9001 : 2015

The Certification body of TÜV Eesti OÜ, EVS-EN ISO 3834-2:2006

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